Dawn Holly Johnson, I am glad I made it to your DEBx Talk! I loved how you compared the need for process in the health
world similar to the aviation industry. I had never thought about that before! Where ARE our checks and balances? Damn, you are good at what you do!

-Joanne Rainey, Strategic Sourcing Manager, ViaSat

 Holly, I have learned so much from you! I have not worked with such a dynamic / effective lean healthcare 
manager since my experience with you during 2006-08!

-Sherri Branski, Deputy Director, AccessCare

 Many people (me included) tend to get comfortably-complacent about our paradigms – we unconsciously favor the familiar and cozy up to the status quo. Holly seems immune to such foibles and remains keenly aware of the silliness that surrounds us. She is nearly incapable of ignoring a broken process or quietly tolerating a ridiculous waste of time/energy/money. So, if you want comforting reassurance that ‘all-is-well’, look elsewhere. If you need the ugly truth about your business, and advice about how to improve it, contact Holly.

-Avery E.arwood, Executive Director, Healthcare Analytics

In working with Holly, I have found her to be the consummate professional, a visionary executive leader and talented and experienced consultant. Time after time she has demonstrated her ability to quickly grasp the context of an organization’s vision and
translate it into actionable plans. The breadth and depth of Holly’s experience, from Strategic Planning, to Lean and Six Sigma, and Program and Project Portfolio Management, coupled with outstanding management and communication skills, make her a valuable addition to any organization in virtually any industry.

-Vance Kirklin, Sr. Project Manager, St. Luke’s Health System

Holly brings a level of energy and enthusiasm to her work that is unmatched. She is an evangelist for process improvement
and is willing to take on the largest challenges. Her work ethic is as good as it gets.

-Scott Riebe, Director Systems and Programming, Blue Cross of Idaho

 Holly brought a high level of maturity to process improvement, and did a great job getting to know both the people and the processes at our multiple laboratories. Personally I appreciated her knowledge of IT support and development methodologies/practices, as well as her overall technology knowledge which made working with her on information process flow an easy task.

-Chuck Morehead, Information Technology Executive

If passion and drive were measured in dollars and cents Holly would be a very wealthy woman. She loves her work, engages quickly, and is able to define the problem and move quickly toward a plan to drive out a solution. During her time with me Holly accomplished a great deal. While practicing as a process engineer herself, she also managed a group of 6 SSBB practitioners,
revamped our process team membership, shored up competencies, built a best practice model for continuous improvement and helped the company realize significant savings along the value chain. She gets things done!

-Cheryl Newlands, Innovation and Transformation Leader

 Holly brings skill and experience in enterprise level change management, tactical process re-engineering initiatives, program development and management, and training! If anyone has a complex design challenge, you must get in touch with Holly She will quickly evaluate the level of change required, bring cohesiveness to cross functional teams, ensure quality and efficiency and deliver measurable results.

-Sandra Buonassissi, End-to-End Strategic Change

 Holly has been a pleasure to work with over the last 9 months. She is highly skilled in areas of quality systems, Lean manufacturing, and project management. She helped our company streamline processes and improve our quality system. She brought a wealth of knowledge to the table and was always eager to share her knowledge with our team. She has shown adaptability and flexibility with her work through interactions with various departments and team members.

-Natalee Bales, Manager Clinical Testing

Holly is a no-nonsense process engineering and improvement expert who approaches her work with an urgency and intensity suitable to the  importance of the changes to the organization. Holly knows what it takes to make meaningful improvements and wholesale changes and fearlessly leads the way to a better future.

-Grant Sutton, Data Value Optimization Expert

Holly is one of the brightest and most knowledgeable Master Black Belts that I have ever had the privilege of working with, much less for. Her passion for process improvement is infectious, and she has a unique view of looking at process improvement that represents the future of continuous improvement, which is not only finding and capitalizing on opportunities for improvement, but streamlining the process for developing value-added solutions that minimizes the impact on business resources to implement. A truly first-rate practitioner and manager! I would highly recommend Holly for any position that enables her to strategically facilitate continuous improvement efforts in any organization.

-Jason Moore, Owner and Principal at The Moorton Group Inc.

Holly is an excellent manager, mentor, coach and analyst. She embraces life with contagious enthusiasm and looks for the best – in people, processes and circumstances. She is well versed in project management principles, Six Sigma principles and business analysis principles – but then – she is able to select the best tools from each discipline and fittingly apply it to the situation at hand. I fully endorse Holly and would look forward to working with or for her again!!

-Lysa Beltz, Project Manager, Blue Cross of Idaho

Holly did an outstanding job developing and implementing our Enterprise project portfolio management process. The process continues to do an effective job helping us focus our limited resources on the priorities with the greatest ROI.

-Tom Barrieau, Director Health Data Services at Blue Cross of Idaho

Holly was able to recognize opportunities the moment she walked in the door, but what I really respected was the fact that she took the time to truly understand the people and the environment before implementing changes. Holly has an incredible ability to make anyone feel comfortable and through that she is able to clearly articulate expectations and bridge gaps. She is driven, passionate about her work, and her strategic reasoning opens minds to possibilities of change.

-Bob Shaw., Director Project Management, Creative Testing Solutions

In the world of leadership, I have discovered it to be a delicate dance of growing people and growing production. I was so fortunate to have Holly as my Leadership Coach in my personal growth journey at Landmark. She was incredibly effective at making the complex comfortable and the quietly terrifying, into a calm moment of reason and power. With a direct, straightforward manner, and a warm heart she was the catalyst that made the difference in my success in what was a designed difficult journey meant to overcome what confronts us. I have huge regard for the intellect she brings to work and life but my heart belongs to the person who cares so deeply for those around her.

-Michael Goodman, Sales Performance Expert

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