Shaping Organizations to Win

How we design businesses determine how well they operate and meet marketplace demand.

There is a fundamental lack of awareness of a dimension in business that is particularly damaging to the business itself, the people that the business serves and those that serve inside the business. When this dimension is ignored, a business can never reach its full potential.

Most businesses work inside an outdated paradigm that keeps people in the business from being aware of what is possible. As businesses grow larger and larger, the issues worsen.

  • Is your company making change after change, adding system after system, in the promise of simplifying work – and it is only getting more difficult to do your job?
  • Are you constantly bombarded with new projects, even though your current projects aren’t complete yet?
  • Are important decisions made with out feedback from you or your peers?
  • Is Customer dissatisfaction rising? Or are you struggling with increasing your market share?
  • Are you working longer hours or taking less time off and still unable to meet company expectations?
    There is a way to change all that!

Shaping Your Organization to Win will allow you to identify what is in the way of creating streamlined effective business that people love to work for and buy from.

At 3D Value Group, we strive to have organizations run smoothly, best utilizing all resources and dramatically improving financial outcomes, customer satisfaction and employee morale

Learn our acclaimed approach in Shaping Organizations to Win

Attend our powerful Interactive Seminar to learn pragmatically in the art of influencing positive change utilizing tools and methodologies that will bring organizational improvement and begin to make going to work enjoyable again.

  • Discover effective ways to create lasting improvement.
  • See newly how to influence the organization on choosing the right things to work on – potentially saving substantial capital and other resources.
  • Discover how to transform poor communication into meaningful collaboration with significant positive impact on business and employee performance.
  • Be an influencer in your company. Be the change you want to see!

Upcoming Seminars

Jun 8-9, 2018          Phoenix, Arizona

Aug 24-25, 2018     Sedona, Arizona

Jan 25-26, 2019       Phoenix, Arizona

Mar 22-23, 2019      Phoenix, Arizona

Future  seminar series includes additional locations in the US & Puerto Rico, Canada and Europe.

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