Design Your Business for Performance

Answer these 5 questions:maximize-business-performance-lean-design-breakthrough-results-profit-margin-improvement-process-black belt-management consulting

  1. Are your margins lower than desired? Are you thinking this is the best margin your business can achieve?
  2. Do you need cash flow to grow your business?  Do you have a backlog of receivables?
  3. Is the market pulling for, or are you being required to, lower your prices?
  4. Are you growing faster than you can handle?Are you addressing this growth solely by hiring more people?
  5. Is your business a Start Up?

Answering YES to any of these questions means you  will benefit from Engineering Your Business for Optimal Performance

Here’s the rub: Traditionally, business practice is to hire People that bring a particular expertise to the business. It is expected that they will know best how the business should run. Yet, How the business executes to deliver value to customers happens at the Process level. But the People you hire are experts with knowledge and skills of a particular subject or function. They are not Process Engineers – trained and experienced in designing optimal business processes – which is where the work gets done!

You wouldn’t hire a Pilot and then assume the plane will fly, would you?  Yet, this is precisely what we do in business – hire experts and assume Processes will be optimal.

Business Design Engineers work with the Subject Experts to design optimal processes that will deliver great value at a lower cost.  The combination is quite powerful. Technology should be considered only after a robust process is designed.

How to change this paradigm is to follow the 3 Dimensions of Value to deliver Breakthrough Performance!

  1. Process First – Design, Implement and Measure Optimal Business Processes
  2. Then People – Determine People Skills and Capabilities needed to work the Process
  3. Then Technology – Determine where Technology will improve Process performance or People safety