On a Mission

Your success is my success. 

This has always been my motto and is the intention I bring to both my personal and professional life, I continue to be fascinated by the number of professionals that have not believed that it is even possible – that someone would care as much for their success as they do.

Well, I do.

As a 23 year veteran of business transformation with over $6B in operational savings and revenue generation and retention, improved quality, customer satisfaction, employee morale and patient outcomes my passion lies in saving lives.


Upon completion of her engineering degree, having worked several internships in the energy industry in her native Canada, Holly had the opportunity to work as a Process Engineer for one of the premier Aerospace companies developing Total Quality and Six Sigma as its improvement platform. A natural systems thinker, she quickly became responsible for the global supply chain improvement initiatives.

After her Father suffered a massive stroke due to medical error, Holly shifted her focus to the Healthcare sector in 2005, looking to make a difference in the lives of people mal-affected by its complexity.

As the founder of HEALTHCAREFORMED (Rely on Engineering FOReducing Medical Error Death), Holly is promoting a future-focused platform for incorporating an engineering mindset to failure-proof the patient journey.  Added benefits to this approach is improved provider time-utilization and lower operational and healthcare costs.

Holly lives in Arizona, enjoys world travel, and contributes to her community through assisting in transformational programs.